Ивабе Юино
(結 乃 イ ワ ベ エ, Iwabee Yuino)
Аниме Boruto: Эпизод №1
Новелла Новые Шиноби Конохи, Парящие в Синем Небе!!
Игра Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage
Появляется В Аниме, Новелле и Игре
Сейю Шинья Хамазоэ
Пол Male Мужской
Рост Гайден: 167 см
Команда Команда Ивабе (Только в Аниме)
Происхождение Konoha Конохагакуре
Статус Жив
Ранг Ниндзя
Ранг Ниндзя  Гайден: Генин
Элемент Doton Дотон

Ивабе Юино (結 乃 イ ワ ベ エ, Iwabee Yuino) — Один из самых талантливых и сильнейших учеников Академии Конохагакуре. Несмотря на это, не может закончить обучение из-за плохих оценок и постоянных прогулов. После стычки с Боруто признаёт свою неправоту и начинает посещать занятия. 

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As an older student, Iwabee is noticeably taller than his classmates. He is lean in built with a tanned-complexion, stern onyx-coloured eyes, and straight, black hair. He wears a red cap covering his ears and secured by a blue string that holds up all his hair excluding a single bang that hangs between his eyes. He also wears a white sleeveless shirt and bandages on his wrists, along with a dull green long flowing vest, baggy pants, black sandals. He carries a jō with him which is bandaged at the top.

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Valuing strength above all else, Iwabee shows a very blunt and domineering attitude, openly proclaiming that strong people can do as they please. While raised in an era of peace, he admires the warring era, believing its constant struggles were the key to forging mighty ninja. He has shown a strong admiration of Naruto Uzumaki, who became the arguably the strongest ninja in history despite his harsh start. He also views the Academy students as weak and lazy, taking advantage of the peaceful times and only becoming ninja by name alone. Desiring recognition, Iwabee despises being looked-down upon. He also has a very high opinion of himself, viewing other students as beneath him is very bossy towards them, demanding to give him privacy. He is also shown to be fairly short-tempered, as upon his views being challenged, he can get very aggressive if not violent. Being older than his classmates and more focused on actual combat, Iwabee is more conditioned for the practice, able to make quick and decisive decisions in battle. He also has shown a very tactical nature, able to use various basic techniques to outwit his foes. Given his desire to be strong, he appears to greatly prefer strong taijutsu tactics in combat, admiring those who have such skill.[5]

His attitude stems from his misfortune in being held back in the Academy. While hardworking, his single-minded nature on becoming a ninja lead him to slack off on his other required studies, which ultimately became the key reason he failed the graduation exams twice. Unable to improve this area of training but unable to accept it, he took his anger out on others.

This attitude changed after meeting Boruto Uzumaki. While having an especial disdain for him, seeing him as an overly-privileged son of the Seventh Hokage who took advantage of his lineage for special treatment, he was amazed to see how strong-willed Boruto was in his refusal to give up. Ironically, Boruto helped Iwabee see that he was being a hypocrite at trying to avoid his problems. Afterwards, Iwabee became much more civil to Boruto and his other classmates; even his teacher, Shino Aburame, noted a considerably more positive attitude since.[6] His loyalty to his new friends has since become apparent, even going out of his way to help them succeed.[3] Even more, he is shown making a serious effort to learn his academics during his free time, albeit he still struggles and requires help from his friends.[7] He also appears to have a crush on Kurotsuchi[8] Despite his improved attitude in his studies and with his fellow villagers, Iwabee is shown to be a somewhat overly-cautious individual. Having a personal bad history with Kiragakure due to the lost of his grandfather, he shows a noticeable dislike of the "Bloody Mist Village", viewing their changes as irrelevant as their history as the "Bloody Mist Village" was too long ago.[9]

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Despite being held back in the Academy for two years, he has a remarkable aptitude for all the physical performances in ninja combat, constantly scoring the highest in all areas. His performance has also gained special attention from the instructors.[4] He is also shown to be an effective tutor in ninja skills.[3]